Brief interview with Nick Warren regarding our upcoming event


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On the High Seas with Nick Warren

There are few DJs who can match Nick Warren’s resume — from the early days of Massive Attack to Way Out West and to all those Global Underground classics, he’s undisputed dance music royalty. And while he’s no stranger to any of the major clubs in California, this is the first time he’s ever promised a Grand Romance.

The Grand Romance, actually. It’s a boat that sounds as good as a club, and promises to be a chance to see him in an especially intimate setting. As anyone who’s been privileged enough to hear one of Nick’s sets on the legendary John Digweed WMC yacht parties will tell you, there is no place else you’d rather be.

And if you don’t believe them, here it is directly from the man himself. Via email, I asked him three questions. The first question: As someone who’s been a veteran of the Miami boat parties, do you think they are as valid in Los Angeles?

To which, he answered: “I really hope so. The Miami boat parties are an institution, but it would be great for the idea to spread and be more than an annual industry event. It gives the DJ a chance to mix more with the crowd and play a more diverse set. The vibe is always more relaxed [on a boat] than in a club.”

Second question: You’ve played in virtually every venue imaginable in Los Angeles over the years. How is this set going to be different from those sorts of club gigs? “I get the chance to play music that is not classed as peak time club music. I can take risks and have fun, which, to be honest, was what we did ‘back in the day.’ It’s a chance to meet up with friends and try out new tunes and see the reaction. I must say, I’m really looking forward to it.”

Last question: Is it okay for someone to come up to you on the boat, say hello, and buy you a drink? “You have known me for more years than both of us would admit, so you know I never say no to a drink. But yeah, that’s the beauty of it. Mine’s jack and coke, by the way.”

For more information on how to buy the man a drink, bounce over to, and get ready for a grand romance.


Courtesy of Neil Feineman.